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About the show

Save Point is a unique style of video games show. We aim to bring our love of video games to the world. The show airs on Fox8. Our hosts look at upcoming releases, classic titles and bring you the latest gaming news.


A big thank you to many of our sponsors who made Save Point a reality. Some of our sponsors include:



Location sponsors:



Presenters Chris Jai Alex
Maddison – Clare Sloane
Guest Presenters Danny Clayton
Executive Producer Blake Harris
Director Matt Maunsell
Production Manager Megan Peters
Editors Matt Maunsell
Jaan Ranniko
Assistant-Editor Hamish Shepherd
Director of Photography Kamil Domaradzki
Motion Design Lumiko
Sound Design Matthew McHugh


The Creators

Save Point was created after a discussion between Maude Garret and myself…

Maude is an avid Gamer and Blake was producing the EB expo and launching games for loads of gaming companies so they decided to throw down and prove that a show about video games was not a good idea, it was a great idea!
Maude and Blake delivered the initial 6 x 8min episodes of Save Point with Jeremy Ray and Paul Verhoeven and the Australian public wanted more. Soon after the initial short form season aired, Maude flew off to LA to host the hot 30 and work on other projects in the US. Blake and the TLS team went on to produce a couple of very successful seasons on One HD before moving the show to Fox8.

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