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Save Point Season 3 Episode 12

Save Point checks out GTA V, Forza and chat to Bumblefoot from Guns N’ Roses about Rocksmith. We also roam the AIE studies and check out second and final part of the Megabloks COD series.

Save Point Season 3 Episode 11

Save Point previews Loco Cycle, review The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug and visit the AIT Studio. We also check out World of Warplanes and view the art of Lesean Thomas.

Save Point Season 3 Episode 10

Our hosts check out X-com, preview Path of Exile and venture into the jungles with the Mega¬†Bloks COD series. Also adding to the mix we look at Anchorman 2, Hanabee’s RWBY and chat to AIE!


Save Point Season 3 Episode 9

In episode 9 of the Save Point season, we venture out to Londons MCM Comic Con. We also preview The Crew, Hunger Games 2 and catch up with Gameface Labs and cosplayers.


Save Point Season 3 Episode 8

We check out more games at the EB Expo, Watch dogs, Assassins Creed IV Black Flag, and Wargaming. Our hosts preview Call of Duty Ghosts and have a chat to AIT and Plantronics!

Save Point Season 3 Episode 7

In this episode, our hosts take you through the EB Games expo and get insights to Dying Light, Madmax, Batman Arkham Origins, Battlefield 4, Just Dance and Skylanders. We also check out our our indie developers and tech companies at EB Expo!

Save Point Season 3 Episode 6

In Episode 6 of the season, our hosts take a look into Watchdogs, Saints Row 4, Castlevania 2 and Tom Clancy’s The Division. We also catch up Plantronics and AIE


Save Point Season 3 Episode 5

In this episode we look closely at FIFA 14 with special guest Rhyan Grant from Sydney FC. We check out Pacific Rim, visit our friends at AIE and have an in depth look at World of Tanks.

Save Point Season 3 Episode 4

The Save Point teams Review Kick Ass 2, Mario Kart WiiU, Disney Infinity and Sega’s Rome II!


Save Point Season 3 Episode 3

We preview Assassin’s Creed IV plus the team heads to Santa Cruz to check out Plantronics HQ. We also got to meet the Hoffman!