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Chris Jai Alex

Chris has a lot of energy and a loud personality, he uses humor as an ice breaker and can slot in with any subset of people. Chris is a multi-talented entertainer who has featured in a wide range of productions such as: True Blood, Sons of Anarchy, The Boondocks, Tron Legacy, Jack The Giant killer, and Evidence.

Dubbed “The new face of action the new voice of animation”, Chris Jai Alex is heating up the screens and the interactive world with his voice, motion, and on camera persona.

Maddison – Clare Sloane

Madison is a sexy rock and roll star, without the musical prowess. She’s got a rapport with the guys and loves a good practical joke. She has an energetic personality and loves to meet people.

Her all time favourite game is the famous 1996 video game Crash Bandicoot but this casual gamer plays everything from Call of Duty and MX to Guitar Hero. “I do tend to become a little addicted to games once I get started and one day I plan on entering the world championships and be crowned the ultimate Tetris player.

Maddie has performed for almost most of her life with a background in dancing and drama. She enjoys working at the local university radio where she is currently studying media and communications.

Clare Costigan

Clare is a gaming, cosplay, science and tech fanatic. A loud and proud nerd, Clare picked up her first Atari controller as a little girl, played some Bomberman and has never looked back. Favourite games include WoW (Human Mage/ Frost specs), LoL (Ashe/ Miss Fortune), Golden Eye on N64, Sonic, Alex the Kid, Saints Row IV, The Last of Us and Dead Island. Not just a pretty face, Clare also has an insatiable lust for cosmology and is currently studying a degree in particle physics. +10 intellect.

There is no doubt about it, Clare is a multi-talented performer. As a trained and experienced presenter and actress she often integrates her love of cosplay into segments that result in truly memorable experiences for viewers. Walking like a zombie? Morphing into a femme fatal? Perhaps a ninja assassin? Yep, Clare has done it all! Her quick wit, charisma and sexy girl-next-door look makes her appealing to both male and female viewers. Her hard work and dedication to Save Point has also seen her produce segments for the show. But perhaps her best attribute is her genuine passion and knowledge about all things geek.