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Triumph Leisure Solutions (tls) have been working actively in the video gaming space and their passion for the gaming industry resulted in the creation of a TV show, Save Point. tls is a creative production facility for people who need events, exhibitions or digital content to deliver memorable impact and connect with their target audience.

What sets tls apart from the pack is our overall understanding of brand values, our creativity and our flexible operating approach. We design experiences that move people from brand awareness to driving attitudes and behaviour. Visit our website at

In recent years tls has created some of the largest events in Australia. From the biggest Australia based corporate event in 5 years, to the relaunch of one of Australia’s most iconic brands, Woolworths.
Every year tls delivers many of the top events on the Australian calendar including several of the largest Australia Day celebrations.

A testament to the passion tls has for the gaming industry is the significant investment the company has made to relaunching the World Cyber Games brand locally. 2011 sees a newly reinvigorated WCG being taken to a broader audience with an exciting series of events catering to gamers of every level.